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RTP Tooltip

This is in essence a very simple module that just instantiates an instance of DNNToolTipManager onto a page, and allows you to configure which Client IDs on the page should be tooltipified. DNNToolTipManager is more normally used programatically to tooltipify items specified by a module, or to tooltipify all items on a page, but I wanted something which will tooltipify just those items I specified in a standard HTML module in my website.

For general documentation of DNNToolTipManager have a look a Telerik RadToolTipManager.



The settings are:
  • A checkbox to enable auto tooltipify which will tooltipify a whole page. Checking this option disables the ClientIDs since they are mutually exclusive.
  • A checkbox to enable the tooltip shadow
  • A drop down list to specify which item the Tooltip should be displayed relative to
  • A drop down list to specify when the tooltip should hide
  • A simple comma delimited list of ClientIDs (HTML ID) to tooltipify.


Adding the ID OurValues in the list of IDs allows the HTML in this -


into -


This is because DNNToolTipManager will render everyting inside the Title tag of the item with an ID of OurValues into the ToolTip. You will notice that all the content of the Title tag is HTML Encoded, which is pretty easy to do, there are web based encoders out there. In the encoded HTML are a few CSS Classes, which can be anything you like, and will apply the styling from your .css files.

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atamez Jul 23, 2012 at 6:53 PM 
I Add the module "tiooltip". I need to add the tooltip to a link of my website.

I work in version 6 of DNN.

my question is, how I can add the "tooltip" in my link

thank you very much
Andres Tamez